Primary Hypotheses

1. All matter is energy in a constant state of change.
2. Energy attracts like energy. (The Law of Attraction)
3. As a manifestation of spirit (conscious, thought energy,) I am subject to the Law of Attraction, thus creating the material world in which I live.
4. By changing my energetic vibration (thoughts/intentions/consciousness) alone, I will affect material changes in the world around me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

on joy

what can I say? and who am I to say anything? :) eh, never-the-less & not-for-nothing.. here is my current take on joy & dissolution.. enjoy! (haha.. ok, pun intended.)

joy exists not in objects continually pursued,
but in the apprehension of the absence of objects..

where can joy be found? the answer is simple.
joy cannot be found, for it is not lost..

joy patiently attends every moment,
like reflection attending a mirror..
silently & subtly embedded in being,
passing unnoticed without benefit
of contrasting concepts.

camouflaged by inhalations
and exhalations,
and thoughts followed by thoughts,
joy goes unseen
& unpracticed
apparent only after
all else is released or dissolved.

breathing in or out
thinking this or that
roaming here or there
and seeking more joy.

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