Primary Hypotheses

1. All matter is energy in a constant state of change.
2. Energy attracts like energy. (The Law of Attraction)
3. As a manifestation of spirit (conscious, thought energy,) I am subject to the Law of Attraction, thus creating the material world in which I live.
4. By changing my energetic vibration (thoughts/intentions/consciousness) alone, I will affect material changes in the world around me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

in pursuit?

the softest thing in the universe overcomes the hardest thing in the universe. 
that without substance can enter where there is no room, hence i know the value of non-action. 
teaching without words & work without doing are understood by very few..
- tao te ching (no. 43)

In the pursuit of learning, everyday something acquired.
In the pursuit of the tao, everyday something is dropped.
less & less is done until non-action is achieved.
when nothing is done, nothing is left undone..

- tao te ching (no. 48)

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